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Club Statistics :: Club Name: Lakewood Yacht Club :: LYC

Regatta Count: 44 :: Race Count: 333 :: Average Registrations: 16.3
Average High Point Regatta Score: 8.72 :: Average High Point Race Score: 11.35
Average Regatta Score: 1.44 :: Average Race Score: 11.6
Boat Boat Type Name High Point
1 Let The Wookie Win J22 Jon Larson 10.15
2 Brew Ha Ha J24 Kevin Orff 9.66
3 Knot Bad J22 Mitch Clarke 8.94
4 Sketchy J22 Danny Pletsch 8.94
5 USA 863 J22 Jon Larson 8.63
6 Troublemaker J22 Kevin Orff 7.4
7 Let The Wookie Win J22 Alexander Wise 7.32

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